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The conference is soliciting to present call for papers. The IV Conference offers three models:

• Working Groups

• Workshop

• Posters Working Groups WG There will be at most 7 WG.

Groups will meet three times during the conference and prepare a document for the last. Each Working Groups will last 1h30′. The composition of the Working Groups will be stable for the duration of the WG that is, three times during the Fourth Conference. Workshop WS There will be 7 WS different in every day of the Conference. So we will have 14 WS durance the Conference.

The duration of each WS will be of 1h 15 ‘. Posters Will be exposed so, further in specially dedicated spaces and the authors will be able to meet the participants to briefly explain their work, make contacts, create new alliances and projects. They will be allowed to a maximum of 30 posters.

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